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We at Last Trump Ministries are convinced, after years of study, that the end of this world and the rapture of the saints (the Church) are at the same time. Christ will return for His bride. . . at the last trump
(1 Corinthians 15:52).  See also,
I Thessalonians 4:16 & Matthew 24:21-31.

How many Christians today are preparing to face martyrdom?

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The End-Times Christian Spiritual Survival Page

Greetings Last Trump Friends!

This may sound like a bleak question, but if you know that your body is just the shell that the Holy Spirit of God resides in, you can easily answer. . . "I am prepared!"  This website will helps those who are preparing for the Great Tribulation. There are many other pages on the Net for those who are just starting their Christian walk, but believe me, the time is short and you must walk fast.

The below book not only prepares you to face martyrdom, it walks new Christians through many of the basic principles of Christ. It also walks everyone around many of the false doctrines in Christian Church groups today. This book is a layman's guide to the End-Times. Our site is designed with links for those who are up-and-running for the End-Times. We will try to add more new Christian links in the future, as well as a Newsletter. We are non-denominational.


The End-Times Blood Bath by Robert Logston  "The End-Times Blood Bath"
   by Robert J. Logston  
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The Rapture, The Beast, The False Prophet, The Four Horsemen... there is a good chance you will personally witness these events!

It is foretold that during the End-Times two-thirds of the five billion plus people on earth will die and Christ will return for the remaining Christians. Reading this book will introduce you to the main players and prepare you for the reign of the Beast.


The Need for Preparation for Survival in End-Times

If you feel you only need to prepare "materially" for survival in the End-Times, then the above book may not be of any use to you, in this regards. We feel that this book gives good guidance on how to prepare "spiritually" with "Holy Spirit" Baptism (Immersion). If you believe in the falsehood of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, then you should read the above book, or just open your mind and spirit to Post-Tribulation thought and follow our links. If you do go into the Great Tribulation (which will start shortly... some say the 7 years has started) and you and your loved ones are unprepared . . . what will you do?

If one weatherman said that a major storm was coming and you must take shelter and another said that the weather was going to be fine, would you not search to find other opinions and prepare just in case?

Survival Links:

Future Project / Map Quest (see "Note" below) - We would like to create a safety net / map locator for like-minded Christians in The End Times. This could of course be dangerous without a safety net that others cannot enter. This seems impossible to me ("...but with God all things are possible"), but many from around the world are looking for like-minded Christians in their regions. Any input would be valuable. Pray.


Note: The concept of the "Internet" was originally a government project to pass communications world-wide in the event of nuclear war or other catastrophic disaster. You can be an important "link" to God's End-Times Church.

The Post-Tribulation Rapture

We may not believe 100% of what the below links say, but we do firmly believe in a Post-Tribulation Rapture. There is a lot on the Internet about this subject and these links will help to explain why this is the Truth and what to expect.

Post-Tribulation Links

UFO's & Aliens

I am truly starting to believe that the Aliens (strangers) are demonic and stories of them should be watched and not dismissed

Preparedness & Survivalist Groups

Other Sites & Ministries

Forums to Express Your Views

New-Born's Links

"Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved" Acts 16:30,31


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