"The End-Times Blood Bath"

by Robert J. Logston
Winston-Derek Publishers, Inc.
Dripping blood line

It is foretold that during the End-Times "two-thirds" of the five billion plus people on earth will die and Christ will return for the remaining Christians. . . at the end. Reading this book will introduce you to the main players and prepare you for the reign of the Beast.

blood drop Chapter I: The Return

This chapter focuses on the Blessed Return of Jesus Christ to save the elect. It speaks of the second coming, and not the second and third coming, as Pre-Tribulation Rapturist like to teach. Jesus will return one more time to save us at the end of the Great Tribulation, not once before and then once again for the elect. This is not Scriptural. It also touches on the false teachings of cults that say He has already come after the resurrection, or is here now.

blood drop Chapter II: The Offer

In Matthew 4 Jesus is offered, by Satan, all of Satan's kingdom's in this world (those that the Father has temporarily handed to Satan). If Christ would have accepted He would has been King over this world's governments and He could have forced "physical" peace (Jesus' mission was to bring "spiritual" peace first). He denied this offer of the Devil, for it would have meant worshipping Satan. See the Rev. 13 to see how a man will take Satan's offer again soon to bring world peace and also see world-wide Satan worship. WW III is shown here in Truth, being ALL of the world's armies ( yes even the U.S. ) against Christ and His' army (WW IV is also shown here). Finally it shows how Christ will take control of all of the World.

blood drop Chapter III: The Start

This chapter gives a description of how the beginning of the end will come about. This is parallel to Hitler's rise to power and the Great Depression and national debt of his country before he lead his people into world war. The new economic order is also touched on here and the dangers it will create to true Christians "who are in the Great Tribulation". Many Pre-Tribulation Rapturist will not be prepared!

blood drop Chapter IV: The Evil Leaders

Here you are introduced into the true actors in the end-times drama. Many believe that a man named "the antichrist" will lead the world. You can decide here for yourself if this term is Scriptural for "a man". I show that this term... antichrist, was meant for a group of people. The true leaders are called in the Rev. 13, the first and second beast (or the false prophet). The first is political (666) and the second religious. I believe I thoroughly describe both sides of this coin.

blood drop Chapter V: The Main Beast

In this chapter I make it as clear as I can how the "Political Beast" will rise and how you can tell his identity. If you only look at this book for this chapter, your soul will be a lot safer in the End-times.

blood drop Chapter VI: The Church-State Fornicators

This chapter focus' on The Revelation, chapter 13. Chapter 13 is one of the most important and revealing chapters about the world we will soon face. Will see here how Church and State must not mix and we see "two Beast". There will be a political Beast who will merge (fornicate) with the religious Beast. I have almost never hear an evangelist speak of these two "men". The religious Beast is also called the False Prophet. We can see this fornication in a religion today.

blood drop Chapter VII: The Two Visions

Here you can see the broad vision of Daniel and the narrower vision of John, in concern to prophecy. You will be taken from Babylon to now.

blood drop Chapter VIII: The Revelation

You are given here a "overview" of the revelation given to John by God. You will be given insight into how we will witness demons coming into our dimension and world-wide devil worship. Also, you can see how Christians will once again be martyrs. The plagues that will come upon the earth are also shown.

blood drop Chapter IX: The Mark

This is an important chapter for those who feel that all the "plastic money" is not a move towards taking money out of the system, so that all will be given a mark. The mark will not just be for commerce, but also for occult powers. Those who take this mark will be damned, so we must prepare for survival... now!

blood drop Chapter X: The Plan

Here I sum up the plan of God towards this rebellious Satan led world. Soon we will have a 1000 years of peace under Jesus Christ as our King. After this period is over we will have eternal bliss.



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